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Explore the rich history of Troop 797 Scouting and join us as we venture forward into the future.

Our troop is based just outside of Houston, TX, within Sam Houston Area Council (SHAC).

We are a faith-based organization within the Southwest Ismaili Scouts chartered organization.

About Our Troop

In each Troop family, Scouts embark on a Scouting journey that is well over 100-years-old. Scouts learn about new topics in camping outdoors, citizenship and duty, planning and leadership, and hobbies and interests. Scouts are taught in a holistic, all-encompassing manner to develop the skills and friends they will need in their lives to tackle and enjoy the responsibilities of being an adult, citizen, and leader in our world.

Troop 797 is an established, active Troop with a charter history of over 35 years, based around Houston, TX. Our Troop is supported by the strength of our Scouters, their leadership, Parents, and most importantly, of the Scouts, who embrace the Scouting experience and it’s life lessons. We have remained active in the community, and our Scouts have conducted impactful Eagle Service Projects benefitting the local community.

Troop 797 meets on Sundays at 10am, and is committed to maintaining a consistent schedule with high active participation from all our Scouts, Leaders, and Parents.

Scout News and Updates

Eagle Service Projects Challenge
Completed 20%
Latest Eagle Projects Stories

List the top Eagle projects completed by our Eagle rank candidates in 2020-2021. The top 3 will be awarded with recognition in the Troop and with a college-bound letter of recommendation rightfully awarded by the Scoutmaster. All Scouts are welcome to the challenge, and can work with their peers and leaders to demonstrate an excellent grasp of the Eagle rank skills and overall Scouting ideals. 

Calling All Scouts!

Want to get involved in the future development of our Troop? You can help in the following Scoutmaster-approved service projects benefitting the Troop:

  • Website functionality
  • Website content
  • Historian and scribe collaboration to interview and write stories
  • New events proposal procedures for Scouts to take lead in planning fun and exciting events (event planning and execution is a crucial Scouting skill) – there is no restriction to the type of event (does not have to be directly related to Scouting)
  • Budget planning and patrol leaders’ council implementation
  • Formally introduce ILST to train young Scouts into capable and confident new leaders
  • Incorporate Scout’s accountability to enter personal online Scouting records
  • ¬†Awards and recognition ideas for events promotion
Chill or Challenge? (Party & Tournament-style Matches)

It’s time that we found out who is the best gamer in the Troop. Which one of you all will be the last Scout standing?

If that is not your cup of tea, join in on a more relaxed game, like Troop-hosted Minecraft server with mini-games, or Rocket League, Among Us, and so on.

Prices and active participation will be awarded, as these events will take place as a official Troop meeting.

© 2024 Troop 797 - Scouts BSA
© 2024 Troop 797 - Scouts BSA